End User License Agreement for Aran Typeface


End User License Agreement for Ofir Shavit typefaces

Version 1.00

1. Definitions


a. In this agreement “Ofir Shavit” refers to “Ofir Shavit LTD” the designer, supplier, and the copyright’s owner of Aran font family (typeface). In any case of question, need of clarification or complaint contact Ofir Shavit by email to equilibs@gmail.com or by the links to the social medias publicized at ofirshavit.com.


b. This license agreement grants you an non exclusive right to use the purchased font software of Aran typeface, of it’s styles and formats included in the downloaded pack, herein – “the typeface”, “the font family”, “the font”, “the fonts” “the pack”. The font files included in the pack starts with “OSaran”.


c. The purchaser of the font is the person or business entity that payed Ofir Shavit the pack’s price and received from him the pack and it’s license, herein – “The purchaser”.


d. This license version match the license version attached to the pack at the day of purchase! and might get updated from time to time without notice. In any case of difference between this version (online) and the version attached to the pack, The attached to the pack version will count over the online one.


2. Copyrights


a. Aran typeface is the intellectual property of Ofir Shavit and protected by copyrights laws around the world. Purchasing a license only grants the purchaser the right to use the fonts, and don’t grant him ownership of any kind (files, code, etc’) over the fonts and doesn’t grant him any right to modify the fonts (change of outlines, creating versions, changing names and data), Selling, distributing, renting, lending, offering to download the font are not aloud without explicit permission in advance and in writing from Ofir Shavit.


3. Terms of usage


a. The purchaser may hold the font, carry it, install it on his computers and use it, he and his employees, without limitation of place, number of employees, number of computers on which the font will be installed at, for any legal usage.


b. The purchaser may use the font for logo design, including modifying the font’s outlines in the designed logo, as long as he doesn’t modify the actual font files.


c. The usage and embedding of the web versions of the font is permitted for a single domain/app/digital publication without limitation of number of views or pages as long as the font files are being protected and can’t be accessed and used by third party outside of the app/website.


4. Limitation of liability


a. Ofir Shavit supplies the font “as is”.


b. The purchaser should test the font and make sure it is intact and suits his needs before making any use of it.


c. If the purchaser found a problem with the font, or that it doesn’t meet his needs, he may ask for a refund within 14 days of purchase and by that terminate his license. Ofir Shavit may refund the payment according to his own judgement.


d. The purchaser accepts full responsibility for any physical/commercial/intellectual damage caused him or any third party, by direct or indirect use of the font, according or not to according to the use instructions, and withdraws in advance any complaint, claim and or legal demand from Ofir Shavit for using the font.